Artist of the Week || They Hate Change

Artist of the Week || They Hate Change

They Hate Change is a hip-hop duo from Tampa, Florida,
featuring artists Andrè and Vonne. Andre and Vonne bring a 90s bedroom pop sensibility to their production, which highlights their fun and playful manner of passing verses back and forth and embracing old school mannerisms with forward thinking beats and tech. Mics are passed. Beats are caressed. Drones breeze through the streets, summoning every air conditioning obsessed neighbor out into the streets to feel what new frequency Change is vibrating on.

Feel the vibrations and check out their "Cycles" album below,

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We will be restreaming the Virtual Beat Box this Saturday, July 18th 9PM EST. Tune in for a white label mix by They Hate Change with black power visuals by BryamBryam.

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