Los Afroins–Goza La Salsa


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Goza la Salsa is a record that seems to have slipped through the net when it comes to salsa dura classics. Born out of Medellín in the 1970s, and patched together under the obscure INS music label (Industria Nacional Del Sonido Ltda), Los Afroins con Roy, Lucho y El Conde were a group of incredibly tight and talented musicians focused on covering a range of guaguancómozambiquepachangadescarga and bolero on a 10-track album. It’s also worth mentioning that this was only the second album released by the group, in what turned out to be a short-lived career before each respective Afroin got snapped up by larger, and more well-known salsa troupes. That said, this 1975 album offers a plethora of much-loved covers, including “Salsa al Pindin” and “Matusa”, which are sure to get even reluctant salsa fans up and off of their feet.