A two DVD set of films from the Italian horror mastermind Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA), this collection contains two of his finest: INFERNO (1978) and PHENOMENA (1985). In INFERNO, the tenants of a Manhattan apartment are terrorized by deadly spirits. Among other equally gruesome things, they are decapitated, clawed to death by cats, burned, and attacked by a knife-wielding killer. INFERNO acts as a semi-sequel to his previous film SUSPIRIA (1977), involving the same witch-lore. This time around, there are a few very memorable set-pieces, most notably an eerie, breathtaking underwater scene. Stylish, violent, and classy all at the same time.PHENOMENA stars Jennifer Connelly as Jennifer Corvino, a young girl attending a Swiss boarding school when she discovers she is able to communicate telepathically with insects. When a serial killer begins murdering students, bug specialist Dr. McGregor (Pleasance) must help her use her powers to find the killer. With a soundtrack featuring Motorhead and Iron Maiden making the experience ever more disorienting, you won't know where Argento is taking you next. Both films are in their uncut, original versions. See individual titles for details.