The Echocentrics is what Quesada considers to be the closest thing to his solo project. He explains, "I write songs and record them on every free day I have, I have 4­-5 albums worth...and send them to some of my favorite singers." Echo Hotel features a few of the same artists from the first Echocentrics album including Natalia Clavier (Thievery Corporation) and Tita Lima (daughter of Os Mutantes’ bassist Lihminia) as well as Alex Maas (Black Angels), Austin songbird Jazz Mills, James Petralli of White Denim and singer-songwriter Bill Callahan (Smog).

Echo Hotel is a direct reflection of the everyday influences the Austin, TX based Quesada found in his South Texas upbringing. With songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English, Quesada explains, “Everyone in my hometown (Laredo, TX) is bilingual, people have complete conversations with one person speaking Spanish and the other English, so to me language barriers don’t really exist.” The album takes listeners on a sonic journey. It's psychedelic, cinematic, at times soulful, dusty, while never losing the unique productions that make it uniquely Quesada's.