Mad About Records present a first-time reissue of Leo Acosta's Acosta, originally released in 1970. Legendary Mexican psych Latin jazz funk. Leobardo Acosta Quintanar was born in Huetamo, Michoacán in 1925. He was a notable drummer, composer, arranger, and orchestrator. In 1970, he recorded a last LP for Capitol with a small combo formed with some of his closest peers. The sound engineer for these sessions, Rogiero Silva, recalls that it happened in the night time. Leo was always very demanding in his studio hours with all of his musicians and that he did not tolerate mistakes or setbacks, but he was fully relaxed and enjoying this one very much. For this last LP, entitled Acosta but known as El Leon, all the compositions are originals, unlike his previous albums where the labels required him to record at least six songs that were hits on the popularity charts. Deluxe hard-cardboard sleeve; OBI; includes two-page info sheet with Leo Acosta story in English and Spanish by Carlos Tropicaza.