Expanding 2018’s ‘Universal beings’ album, proper, ‘Side E + F’ share further results of the sessions helmed by Makaya McCraven, and also featuring a crack squad of LA’s Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Niño (whose related LP is also ace) and Anna Butterss’ devilish basslines, plus Tortoise’s Jeff Parker from Chicago, and Shabaka Hutchings on the London cuts, with myriad other notables contributing to the album’s lissom swing and cool drive.

Check for highlights everywhere from the in-the-pocket hustle of ‘Everybody Cool’, to the Innerzoen Orchestra style bustle of ‘Half Steppin’’ and ‘Mal Attack’, to the delectable psychedelic syncopation of McCraven’s needlepoint drums and Butterss’ lissom bass in ‘Butterss Fly’, or the low key shuffle of ‘Her Name’ and ‘Isms’ at the album’s aching downstrokes.

-Technique Records