Brownswood are proud to present Indaba Is - a compilation of current South African improvised music and jazz. The project is a collaboration with two luminaries of the South African Music scene: pianist/songwriter Thandi Nthuli and The Brother Moves On's Siyabonga Mthembu who act as curators/musical directors on the project. South African townships were historically cosmopolitan places. Apartheid confined all classes in the same impoverished locations. Migration from across the country and the region meant kasi residents commanded many musical languages. Church music, European classical music, the latest US jazz LPs and Liverpool pop tunes from offshore radio stations fed the mix.

The same woman could sing Handel in church on Sunday, traditional lyrics by the evening fireside, local and overseas standards on a community hall bandstand and songs of resistance on a march. There never was just one sound. And it's the flowers from all those roots, and more, that Indaba Is has harvested. Questions about lineage, community and spirit thread through the tracks - not just communities of descent or language, but the communities being built now through collective creation.

- Technique Records

Miami, Florida