Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards


In 1991—back when MTV still played videos, the other Bush was president, and trading cards were actually considered cool collectors items—Yo! MTV Raps teamed up with ProSet MusicCards to make Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards. Featuring some of the rap game's biggest stars at the time, the cards included everybody from KRS-One to Big Daddy Kane, Eric B. & Rakim, and yes—even MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

But they also included now-forgotten celebs from that era, like The Afros, Craig G, and even Young Black Teenagers (Sidebar: We'd willing to bet YBT could totally thrive today as a hipster rap group. Time to get the band back together!) And they even had cards for members of the Yo! MTV Raps family like hosts Ed Lover & Doctor Dre, producer Ted Demme, and the staff—collectively known as the Yo Posse. 

Needless to say, the cards are a dope window into a bygone era, providing further evidence why the '90s were simply the greatest. So click through to check out the entire set and see if you can pull your favorite rapper's card.

-Technique Records

Miami, Florida