The perfect getting-ready music for the moodier kind. Alternate between English and Spanish techno-worlds with this perfect pairing of tropical-goth and techno-nowave.
ltar Boy is from Orlando, FL

and Glitch Bitch is from LA
released November 11, 2022

Altar Boy:
Is camilo and ∆8

Glitch Bitch:
kt flanagan- lead vocals, bass and synth

douglas hargrave- electric guitar, synth, and doug step beats

wilton- acoustic drums on every song except "tear me apart", and electric guitar on"tear me apart"

robert bundst victor - piano on "low tides", and "spinning spinning vertigo".

weasel walter - bass on "saccharine death", drums on "tear me apart", guitar on "low tides", and "virtual realness", sax on "anxiety attacks", and synth on the intro and outro.

all music composed by kt flanagan, douglas hargrave, and wilton

all lyrics by kt flanagan

album art by jean paul miller

engineered/recorded by paul roessler at robot kitten studio

produced by weasel walter

mixed by weasel walter