Possibly the most popular and widely known track ever by the infallible RICHARD D. JAMES is reissued in an expanded edition with 4 bonus versions encoded through a Nakamichi CR7e cassette deck on a double 12"! (R&S)

A1. Didgeridoo (7:11)
A2. Flap Head (7:03)
B1. Phloam (5:34)
B2. Isoprophlex (6:20)
C1. Didgeridoo (Cr7e Version) (7:23)
C2. Didgeridoo (Live In Cornwall) (Cr7e Version) (6:26)
D1. Isoprophlex (Slow) (Cr7e Version) (8:18)
D2. Phloam (Cr7e Version) (5:46)