HiRO.JP is a mysterious producer from Chiba, Japan who creates fresh boogie funk tunes for everyone to enjoy at the club, the park, the beach or your next house party. Charming is a glowing EP, romantic and smooth to the ears and soul. It’s a DeLorean going 88 miles-per-hour back to a timeless era with each passing note. On the title track ‘Charming,’ the swirling saxophone and floating vocals of 小雨 (Kosame) take us to such a heavily place. While on the B side ‘ Sunday 2:59 AM’ we are hit with lush strings and a tight slapping groove to make us move.

HiRO.JP is a true student of the funk, well on his way to becoming a master and Charming is a testament to his talents while being the perfect soundtrack to any sunny day.