Hydroplane - Rockets

New Album “Rockets” by Hydroplane via a special collaboration between Schematic and Nebleena. The Peruvian-born / Miami-raised / Cali-based producer drew inspiration from the comic book series Space Riders, even creating a theme song for the protagonist, Capitan Peligro. Analog synths mingle with dance beats and experimental sound design conjuring thoughts of robotic articulations tussling with near system malfunctions. ‘Rockets’ is the soundtrack for an interstellar voyage, each track taking a deeper dive into the star-filled particle abyss or for simply cruising down I-95, I-80, or the Autobahn.

Written and Produced by Renzo Gorrio

Cover art by Miguel Delgado


released May 5, 2021

Mastered by Joe Lentini

2021 Schematic Music Company & Nebleena