1. Infin Path 05:16
2. Bad Baby 03:44
3. You Weren't There Anymore 04:56
4. Skydiver 04:36
5. Bad Baby (Club Mix) 04:51
6. My Innocence 02:13
7. Bad Baby (Satin Sheets Remix) 04:57

"Very groovy very spacious. If you love your dance music dark, a little moody, a little spacey, if you love some crystal castles, you love some vaporwave give it a try, give it a shot. " - Anthony Fantano 

"She’s got a wonderful sensibility of this new age 90s scene. Like music that my parents were into, there was this compilation called pure moods and I feel like a lot of her songs would fit very well on there. …a very joyful ambient listen." - Vinyl Rewind

"French finds beauty in total confusion."- Pitchfork 

"it’s a stunner." - Bandcamp 

"Ethereal new age jungle with a vocal flex that nods to Enya and Björk." - Resident Advisor 

"something jarring and sublime in crystalline brilliance." - SPIN magazine 

"like Britney Spears singing The Prodigy through the fog at a dim karaoke bar" - Interview Magazine 

"dreamy." - GvB 

"feverish."- i-D 

"continuing down the path of a singer-songwriter, crafting stories rather than just songs" - EARMILK 

"a euphoric, blissed-out crescendo" - FACT mag 

"grimy bliss" - Tiny Mix Tapes

released January 19, 2018

all rights reserved