Peregoyo & Su Combo Vacana-Mi Buenaventura

"While all four Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná albums are classics deserving their rightful place in the national musical heritage of Colombia, Mi Buenaventura (recorded circa 1967) is perhaps their most iconic. Their second release for Discos Fuentes is rich with diverse sounds and festive rhythms, from the exotic trance-inducing coastal Afro-Colombian polyrhythmic syncopations of the currulao, abozao chocoano, porro, cumbia and aguabajo to the more well-known genres of Cuban and Puerto Rican origin like descarga, bomba, guaracha and son montuno - Peregoyo and his crew were equally adept at playing all these and more. The nine-member combo was formed by composer and tenor saxophonist Enrique "Peregoyo" Urbano Tenorio in the Pacific coastal city of Buenaventura and is said to be the first to make their local "Pacífico" music traditions an integral part of a commercially presented repertoire. His stated mission was to modernize the folkloric genres of his region as well as play the popular tropical dance music from Cuba, New York and Puerto Rico. First recording as Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná for Discos Fuentes in 1966, the band broke up over a financial dispute a few years later at the Feria de Cali while performing with Ricardo Ray. They had a brief "comeback" decades later, and are acknowledged today as a seminal influence on Colombian music. The combo's output stands the test of time, and this reissue presents one of their finest efforts in it's original form." -Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead