Reeve Schumacher-Foreseer

Noir Age is proud to kick off the year with “Forseer”—a new work by visual artist and composer Reeve Schumacher, which takes on the form of a limited edition 7” lathe cut single with special locked grooves on side B.

"Foreseer" is the first released material showcasing Reeve’s experimental approach to what he calls “Sonic Braille,” a project that straddles art and music; the sound construction is hand made by incising mathematical patterns onto vinyl records with a scalpel to create rhythmic sonic events once manipulated.

With the loop of life at its core, Foreseer, along with its titular track on side A, features a series of locked grooves on the B-side of the lathe record allowing the listener to further develop or deconstruct the sonic debris contained in the grooves of the lathe. A hopeful look forward into the future of what “music” can be in the hands of our people.