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Detroit-born Mexican-American guitarist and singer/songwriter.

Rodriguez released the solo album "Cold Fact" on the Sussex label in 1970. The blues-funk style of his overtly sociopolitical lyrics gained him little popularity in the US, where he once performed onstage with Hispanic activists the Brown Berets. However, his music found a resonance with a fan-base in South Africa, where he became somewhat of a cult legend. He also toured Australia with the band "Midnight Oil" during the 1980s.

Rodriguez is also known as "Sixto Rodriguez" and was once a Motown session musician. Works include: "Cold Fact", "Coming From Reality", "After The Fact" & "Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez".

Sixto's brother Jesse (aka Jesús Rodríguez) co-wrote songs for Rodríguez' catalogue and repertoire.

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Miami, Florida