Over the course of his near 50-year career, jazz guitarist Ryo Kawasaki released some of the most imaginative, inventive and in some cases unusual music ever to emerge from Japan. Amongst the most impressive of these was 1983 album, Lucky Lady, a breathlessly brilliant and musically eclectic set that saw Kawasaki push the boundaries of both jazz and the rapidly evolving sound of electronic music.

The album sleeve artwork is the original artwork and the images are photos of Ryo’s daughter and the album was something he created as a dedication to her.

By the standards of the time, Lucky Lady was exceptionally cutting edge. Kawasaki had previously used synthesisers in his work and had a reputation for being technically savvy enough to modify any instruments he could get his hands on. When Roland sent him prototypes of their GR-500 and GS-500 guitar synthesizers, the Japanese firm including schematic drawings and blueprints to make modification easier.