All the way from sunny Miami, Fl & the busy streets of the Bronx, New York , Mango Hill sub label Double Aside Records brings you a double dosin' debut of The Black Dove & Tony From The Bronx.
The Black Dove shrieks "I'm Tellin'!" In his funky JB-esque debut. Letting his lover who is up to no good know, that time is up! I'm telling rings The Beholders from Jason Joshua fame to come in and lay down the law in this modern funk scorcher! I'M TELLING!
Straight from the streets of Bronx, New York , Tony from Bronx brings his Boogaloo Babalu to the Mango Hill Universe, the illusive musician-mambolero brings "Esperanza" to a speaker near you, it's the old tale of "I love you, You drive Me Crazy!" & "Whats For Dinner?" as TFTB recites the pros & cons of his" cosita linda". Tony From The Bronx brings you back to a tough but lighter time in The Bronx, bringing reminiscence of Joe Cuba Sextet and the whole short-lived Fania Records boogaloo movement! Party with Tony & come tell with The Black Dove for this double header brought to you by Mango Hill Records.

-Technique Records

Miami, Florida