Artist of the Week || Diego Melgar

Artist of the Week || Diego Melgar

A fixture of Miami's live music scene, Diego Melgar is a guitarist, composer, and improviser. Having studied jazz guitar at the Frost School of Music within the University of Miami, Diego now explores a wide range of sounds and styles.

Currently, he runs a community improvised band, The Third Ear, giving a non-discriminatory experimental platform to Miami musicians. Other recent projects include Mitingu, an internationally touring jazz quartet, and Butterfly Snapple, a hip-hop fusion group that has performed at III Points Music Festival.

Diego's vision of music is strongly tied to its communal elements, aiming to blur the lines between performer and audience to create a greater shared experience. Like Technique Records, Diego Melgar understands the importance of the music community working together to help keep music alive in a time where live music performances seem like a thing of the past. 

Since 2019, we have collaborated with Diego Melgar, as well as local jazz collective Brainville, on an event called the Jazz Cafe where we enjoyed quarterly performances by Diego Melgar and his band. We chose to highlight him this month with a live performance stream and a cassette demo because not only are we grateful for his work with us, but his range as a jazz artist and composer is one worth noting and appreciating. 

Watch our live concert with Diego above.


Like what you heard? Purchase your copy of our first Technique Records cassette demo by Diego Melgar featuring songs from his live performance. 


A portion of the proceeds go to Guitar Over Guns, a music organization that helps bring music programs and instruments to underpriveledged schools in Miami Dade. 

Follow Diego Melgar on social media!  


Hope you enjoy the show! 




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