Artist of the Week || SEL.6

Artist of the Week || SEL.6

Growing up in South Florida, and hailing from Broward county, Sel.6 finds inspiration in the sounds and music she was raised on, particularly in genres like Freestyle, Electro and Bass from the golden era of South Florida. 

Her goal with her musical projects is to evoke nostalgia and bring back the energy and feeling of South Florida Freestyle, Electro, and Bass music. She always returns to these roots when creating music while also manipulating sounds to redefine those genres. 

In Sel.6's "Breathe", Sel.6 utilizes those Miami sounds that inspires her stating that "I wanted to create a kind of ambient-electro/bass project that reflects what I want to bring back in music, while still sticking to my own sound." 

On Bandcamp in this article, she recently received recognition by John Frusciante -  member of Red Hot Chili Peppers  - as one of his favorite up and coming electronic artists, stating that “SEL.6 is doing new things with electro and Miami bass, as well as freestyle,” and that he wishes "freestyle would come back as pop music" as it is one of his favorite genres. It was only right for us to highlight her with a cassette release in collaboration with her label Space Tapes to acknowledge that we feel the same.

- words by Caroline Cardenas  





Order your copy of Sel. 6's electro/bass cassette demo and support local artists. 


Digital copies of the tape, with a bonus remix track by fellow Space Tapes artist opal°, are also available on Space Tapes bandcamp.

Listen to it now:  


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