More unheard edits from Len Faki‘s personal vaults on this release, harking way back to the mid-'90s and their relentless, hard-hitting styles.

Chicago legend Robert Armani, also still hailed as one of the originators of hardstyle by many, makes an appearance on the A-side. And it‘s that characteristic, punishing kick sound, which is still present in the modern edit, carrying on the original‘s obtuse force albeit shrouded in a much more ominous and austere veil.

German IDM-duo Funkstörung well left their mark on the millennium’s last decade. Even with their side-project Musik Aus Strom that restricted itself to a series of forward-pointing, no-nonsense acid-techno albums. Len Faki picks out a track showcasing the raw and vital essence of that Acid Planet-time and molds it into a soaring, sizzling and well-balanced tool, tricky and perky at once.

The proceeds of this record will be forwarded entirely to charity organization Straßenkinder e.V., who are working to offer help to the children living on the streets of Berlin.